Intensive course / handicap course

Our handicap intensive courses are divided into HCP 54+, HCP 36+, HCP18 + and HCP 6+. In the HCP 54+ course, the focus is on stabilizing the basic stroke types, the basis of a stroke routine and tournament preparation. The HCP 36+ courses focus on the precision of the drives and the long strokes as well as the game from 25 meters around the green. The short game is increasingly trained variably. In the HCP 18+ course, the focus is on technique training on the middle iron and the short game under 25 meters. In addition, tactics and stroke routines are trained on the course. Our HCP 6+ course teaches to apply the punch routine with constant quality and focuses the technique training on the detection of error chains and sources and their correction. The aim of this course is to achieve a high "Up & Down" rate, that is, to punch in a maximum of two strokes from all positions under 40 meters.


  • 16 training units of 50 minutes each
  • Fitting and length measurement using TrackMan
  • Sam PuttLab and GASP video analysis
  • on request a supervised 9- / 18-hole round within the scope of the course (course price plus green fee)
  • The aim of the course is to stabilize and improve the handicap


Course prices can be found in the current course program and on personal request.