Concept of sponsoring

Four levels of commitment

Those who intend to commit to German golfing may choose from a wide variety of options at St. Leon-Rot Golf Club: Our club offers a four-tiered concept of sponsoring according to the extent of activities to which individual customers commit and the amount of financial resources which they contribute. Companies which would like to cooperate with St. Leon-Rot Golf Club may become a "Silver Partner", "Gold Partner" or "Platinum Partner". Once a partner becomes a gold or platinum partner, our club safeguards their exclusive status by making it impossible for other companies from the same sector to become part of our sponsoring concept. We are also glad to implement partnerships on a smaller scale: Companies which are interested in becoming involved below our Silver status may become a "Sponsoring Partner" and contribute financial resources, benefits in kind and participate in our club's activities.

In the context of sponsoring partnerships, our club mainly focusses on the promotion of young players and teams. The German Boys & Girls Open, for example, is a tournament for young players which is internationally renowned and is hosted at St. Leon-Rot Golf Club just as other national and international qualifying tournaments. Companies may use this context as well as other popular events, such as our Members Day or our Summer Festival, to show that they are a partner of our golf club with its values, successes, media presence and – last but not least – members. Our club is also ready to adapt sponsoring activities to the individual requirements and wishes of potentially interested parties; even the sponsoring of new formats such as readings or typical marketing campaigns is possible.

In order to be as effective as possible, St. Leon-Rot Golf Club strives for long-term partnerships. Therefore, our club is interested in partnerships with companies which relate to our values and standards and accompany us on our way for several years so that we may achieve our ambitious goals together and preserve the extraordinary position of St. Leon-Rot Golf Club and its partners. If you are interested in becoming our partner, Eicko Schulz-Hanssen, our CEO, and Anke Heinen, our Head of Marketing, look forward to answering your questions any time.