European Girls Team Championship

The president of St. Leon-Rot Golf Club, Dietmar Hopp, says: "We feel very honoured by the fact that the European and the German Golf Association chose our club to be the venue for hosting this event." These words show that St. Leon-Rot took delight in having won the bid for hosting the "2012 European Girls Team Championship".

From July 10 to 14, a number of 120 female golf players from 20 nations – including Germany's most talented players such as the local hero Karolin Lampert – competed for the coveted award.

The competition, which consisted of two days of stroke play and three days of match play, was held on the course St. Leon.

The five-day event was started off by a brilliant opening ceremony which took place at Heidelberg Palace; the match and the rest of the event took place at the facilities of St. Leon-Rot Golf Club. The course had been perfectly prepared and provided ideal conditions for the participants. During the tournament, players, trainers and helpers were supplied with everything they needed. Some of the features which added to the professional feel of the tournament were our scoring tent, the Players' Fun and Media Centre, our leader board and live scoring in Halfway House II as well as a spectators' stand which had been put up specifically for that event and enabled our guests to experience the tournament first hand.

Anybody who could not be on site was able to keep up to date with the match as well as interviews, photos and videos via the on-line platform facebook.

Moreover, St. Leon-Rot Golf Club was excited to organise a day full of golf adventures during which several classes from the region were instructed on the facility. A small putting tournament and a five-hole tournament on our children's course sponsored by SNAG-Golf topped off this day at the golf club.

When this tournament ended, everyone had experienced many great moments of golf. Eicko Schulz-Hanssen, CEO of St. Leon Rot Golf Club, summed it up by saying: "We are very glad because we were able to host this international top tournament for young female golf players in cooperation with the German Golf Association (DGV) and the European Golf Association (EGA) and to enthuse many golf fans of the younger and older generations. We are especially pleased to see that much inter-cultural exchange took place between the players, trainers and helpers. We took much delight in seeing that the classes which visited our event had much fun in participating in our programme and might even become active golfers. These were our two main goals and we are glad to have achieved them." Mr Schulz-Hanssen continued to say: "None of this would have been possible without the commitment of our numerous volunteers, our president Dietmar Hopp and our partners; I would like to thank all of them."