Gilmore Partnerclubkonzept - gemeinsam mehr Erreichen

Gilmore partner club concept «is the name of the cooperation with the five neighboring clubs GC Bruchsal, GC Sinsheim, Baden Golf & Country Club Tiefenbach, GC Rheintal Oftersheim & GC Hohnhardter Hof Wiesloch-Baiertal which the Golf Club St. Leon-Rot brought together in autumn 2012.



The aim of the project, which was named after the St. Leon-Roter youth promotion mascot, is to significantly increase the number of young golfers in the North Baden region and to significantly improve their skill level. In addition, the partnership is intended to further develop youth work in the clubs involved so that the North Baden region can become an attractive sports region for young golfers.


For this purpose, the clubs agreed to support each other with training and competition offers in order to create more incentives for young golfers to improve their golf game and to be able to put together competitive teams. The focus of the cooperation is initially on players from age groups 8 to 12 and will be expanded to age group 18 over the next few years.


Added value for everyone

The participating partner clubs make their extensive know-how available in the course of the cooperation. For the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club, this applies above all to the areas of sighting, training, camps and competitions. In addition, the neighboring clubs also support each other with equipment (for example with beginners' club sets) and training books. Together, the clubs want to increase the number of training and competition offers for young golfers in the region.



The children and young people of the "Gilmore partner clubs" have the opportunity to switch between the clubs as part of the cooperation. It is crucial that the sport of golf does not lose these young talents, but that they find a new home in neighboring and friendly clubs, where they can continue to enjoy their sport.